Warehouse Data Collection System

Warehouse Data Collection System


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The client is a logistics services company offering full consultancy on existing warehousing facilities from designing to implementation.



Client Name

Business Challenges

Fidelity was looking for a Warehouse Data Collection system that will help them manage their complete warehouse operations with improved accuracy and less manual intervention.

The Solution

WDC implementation

Implementing the WDC system has automated the processes within the warehouse using barcode and barcode terminals.

barcode scanning

All inventories recorded in the system are linked to barcodes. Implementing the WDC system has provided all functionalities needed to manage the warehouse and automatically update the data wherever necessary.

warehouse tracking

The system also keeps track of movement of goods across the warehouse & communicates with the ERP.


warehouse automation

Automates the process within the warehouse

warehouse efficiency

Monitors inventory and goods movement within the warehouse efficiently

single responsive website

Generates reports to monitor warehouse operations

data integration

Seamless integration to the back end

web-based screening application

Provides all functionalities needed to manage the warehouse in the most efficient way

content management

Easy to operate and provides automatic data updates wherever necessary.

warehouse automation

Automated operations of the warehouse that include receiving goods, putaway, picking, shipping goods and managing inventory


Efficiently communicates with the existing SAP ERP and pulls the relevant data from the system.


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