Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions


Healthcare Solutions


Sanford, North California, US

Realationship Tenure

9 Months


The client is a Digital & Connected Health Solutions provider working with leading healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life science organizations. They have a team that is familiar with the unique challenges of the healthcare industry and has built a strong expertise in addressing them using technology. They wanted to build a website that would capture the essence of the business they do and the values they bring to the table.


Wordpress, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Client Name


Business Challenges


The client wanted a single responsive website designed to optimize user’s browsing experience


They wanted a website with a better user interface to simplify search.


The website had to have improved usability and search functionality


They were looking for a website that could increase the time spent on site

The Solution

Responsive design

Responsive design ensured that the website is user friendly

Improved performance

Improved performance and page load time resulted in optimal user experience and accessibility

User friendly interface

User friendly interface and easy navigation helped to acquire new customers and increased customer retention

single responsive website

Easy to maintain single responsive website instead of standard and mobile version website


single responsive website

A single responsive website designed to optimize user’s browsing experience

User friendly interface

Improved usability and search functionality

Improved page loading time

Improved page loading time resulted in more conversions

Increase in mobile visits

Increase in mobile visits and the time spent on site


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